How to Measure

How to measure your height

  1. Stand straight and barefoot with your back against a wall
  2. Heels, back, shoulders and head should all be touching the wall
  3. Ask a second person to put a book on your head
  4. Ensure book is parallel with the floor and at right angles to the wall
  5. Mark the spot where the bottom of the book is touching the wall
  6. The distance from the marked spot to the floor is your height.


How to measure your head circumference

head circumference
  1. You will need someone to take this for you
  2. Please have your hair in the position or any headwear you will have on on the day
  3. You will need a tape measure
  4. Measure from above your ear, around the mid-forehead and all the way around
  5. The tape measure must be firm but not too tight
  6. Record your head circumference in centimetres