Graduation gown and mortarboard - hire

Graduation Gown, Hood & Mortarboard- Hire

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Hire the makings for your own at home graduation. 

This set includes:

  • Graduation Gown 
  • Graduation Hood 
  • Mortarboard
  • Seven days hire from date of delivery
  • Free delivery 
  • Free returns

    Not sure on your size? Check out our size guide.

    Not sure how to measure your size? Check out our guide on 'How to Measure'.

    Garments and size requirements

    Graduation Gown

    Graduation Gown
    The gowns is a black coat style garment. Our gowns are provided to fit your height. Please select the gown size based upon your height (shown in feet and inches) 

    Details on how to measure your height can be seen here.



    Graduation Hood

    Graduation Hood
    Our hood easily attach to your graduation gown with a velcro fastening. The hood provided is a generic hood not applicable to a degree level or university. The hood will be black lined with a blue silk. As seen in image. These are one size and we do not require size information.


    Mortarboard icon

    Mortarboard (Hat)
    The hat known as a mortarboard is a skull fitted hat with square top and tassel. Our mortarboards are provided to fit your head circumference. Select the hat size based upon your head circumference (shown in centimetres). 

    Details on how to measure your head circumference can be seen here